The Basketball Embassy’s Workshop Series was created to supplement existing basketball education year-round, wherever it is needed. They’re a highly adaptable model that typical span from one to three days, covering everything from basic principles to reinforcement of a player’s own team systems as decided by their coach.

Focused Workshops

It may sound simple to teach a single topic in a few hours, but we’ve challenged ourselves to design Focused Workshops to cover nuances as well as broad strokes. Our Shooting Workshop, for example, emphasizes not only shooting technique from the waist up, but the importance of proper footwork and balance, along with strategies for creating shots off the dribble.

Focused Workshops are typically one or two day events, and are a great low-cost alternative to traditional multi-day camps.

Team Workshops

We’re proud to offer one, two, and three-day minicamps to high school programs tailored to serve head coaches’ needs. Players will receive quality instruction geared toward developing individual skills, basketball IQ, and concepts relevant to their specific school team’s system.

Let TBE work with your current players, evaluate and integrate newcomers, and promote your program’s culture. Our mission is to provide a detail-oriented outlet that helps you jumpstart your offseason.

Strength & Conditioning Workshops

With curriculum designed by our own Chris Buckley, these Workshops last a few hours but leave players with much deeper understanding of advanced basketball-specific fitness. The body isn’t a series of parts moving independently, but a full kinetic chain that is only as strong as its weakest link. Participants will gain a better understanding of these interrelations, injury prevention techniques, and one heck of a workout!

Coaching Workshops

TBE is proud to offer coaching clinics that share the insights of coaches from all over the world. Their collective experiences provide unique ways of teaching and approaching the game of basketball. Our Coaching Workshops are designed to share these tactics and philosophies amongst each other to cultivate an environment of continuous learning and growth. This dissemination of knowledge is a critical component of improving basketball globally. 

Custom Workshops

Interested in a specific topic, for a specific duration of time, in a specific place on Earth? Our goal is to grow the game and all of its participants, both on and off the court. Let us know how we can help!


Our TBE Workshop Team

Meet the core team of TBE coaches available for Workshops!



Founding President, The Basketball Embassy

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Head of Player Development, KFUM Central Basket (Stockholm, Sweden)

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Assistant Coach, OLLU Mens Basketball (San Antonio, TX)

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Fitness Manager & Head Strength Coach - Mix Fit SA

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TBE Young Ambassadors Program Facilitator



Interested in TBE WorkshopS?

Our Workshops occur sporadically throughout the year in San Antonio and surrounding areas, but can be implemented anywhere based on demand. If you have interest in attending a workshop for yourself, your team, or your region, please contact us!

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