For many, basketball serves as a life-enriching pursuit. It can provide athletic and character building opportunities, and is frequently a much needed escape from circumstances that provide significant hardship. The Basketball Embassy's programs and services aim to provide basketball players and coaches across nations, cultures, and backgrounds with a platform for success in the game of life.

ONGOING Programs



Assembly is our flagship event held each summer in San Antonio, Texas (with plans to expand to more locations in the near future). At each Assembly, we unite international and domestic players and coaches, and challenge them to reach their greatest potential, on and off the basketball court. Our curriculum features not only the on-court technical trainings and play you would expect in a basketball camp, but includes intense workouts and classroom sessions covering everything from nutrition and injury prevention to college admission processes and life after basketball. We intertwine all of this with lessons in leadership, integrity, discipline, and mutual respect for self and others. The entire experience is designed to help all participants improve in basketball and unite them in what continues to become a smaller, more connected global community.

For more information, visit this year’s Assembly event page.


TBE Workshop Series

The Basketball Embassy’s Workshop Series was created to supplement existing basketball education year-round, wherever it is needed. They’re a highly adaptable model that typical span from one to three days, covering everything from basic principles to reinforcement of a player’s own team systems as decided by their coach.

For more information, visit this our TBE Workshops page.


TBE Young Ambassadors

At TBE, we believe that we are all ambassadors—not only to the game of basketball, but to every label we fall under as individuals. Every man and woman is an ambassador to the larger group of men and women, because every interaction with one leads to a perception of the group as a whole. Our Young Ambassador program strives to reach disadvantaged youth with life lessons like these in an environment where they’re most receptive: a basketball court.

The process of improving in both sports and life is a journey both inward and outward. The drive and focus to work hard regardless of recognition or immediate results; the balance to manage swings of emotion; the confidence to take your next shot after missing your last—these are all internal skills. External skills deal with how we interact with people. Listening to others and acknowledging them, using words of encouragement, receiving praise and criticism in stride, and showing respect to both teammates and opponents alike—these are vital external skills. And they’re not only vital on a basketball court; the relationships that exist with other players, coaches, and referees are mirrored in interactions with friends, family members, coworkers, and authority figures.

The sad truth is that great opportunities are rare for our disadvantaged youth. Our goal is to establish the best habits for our Young Ambassadors today, with the hope that they can take full advantage of every opportunity that comes their way in the future. 

This program is currently implemented in the San Antonio area with Haven For Hope, SAMMinistries, and SA Youth.


All TBE Services

CONSULTING and Hands-On instruction

Through contacts and connections established across the globe, TBE works with national federations, professional organizations, international club teams, college/university programs, high school and middle school programs, community organizations, and underprivileged youth in whatever capacity is needed to promote growth both on a structural and technical level. Our goal is to help programs and organizations with whatever is needed in their endeavors including but not limited to partnerships for grant-funded programs.

Consulting/instruction rates vary per project; please email us at for more info. Examples of previous work in these areas can be seen on our Case Studies page.



TBE conducts various camps throughout North America and overseas for youth, intermediate, and elite basketball players. Our camps assist athletes in reaching their greatest potential on and off the basketball court. Campers receive training and instruction in both individual and team settings, in addition to strength and conditioning components integral to their success. Our camp curriculum aims to not only improve individuals as players, but as human beings within the global community.

Our flagship camp is our annual Assembly, a week-long convocation of select basketball players and coaches from around the world. 


Coaching clinics

TBE is proud to offer coaching clinics that share the insights of coaches from all over the world. Their collective experiences provide unique ways of teaching and approaching the game of basketball. Our clinics are designed to share these tactics and philosophies amongst each other to cultivate an environment of continuous learning and growth. This dissemination knowledge is a critical component of improving basketball globally. 

After the completion of our clinics, coaches receive TBE certification.

Coach development & Advancement

In addition to coaching clinics, we work one-on-one with individuals to help develop their understanding of the game and overall coaching repertoire. We utilize video and coach shadowing to enhance coaches' awareness of new drills and methods of teaching and interacting with parents and officials to assist in career advancement. Because of our global relationships, we have hundreds of contacts all over the world and take pride in assisting coaches achieve their dream job.


With TBE coaches and athletes all over the world, we have a unique ability to create opportunities for coaches and players to travel and experience what basketball is like in other countries. We serve as facilitators in organizing exchanges for overseas travel, and host athletes from all over the world in Texas; in just three summers of Assembly alone, we have hosted athletes and coaches from over ten nations. 

Strength & Conditioning, fitness, and nutritional coaching

The TBE family includes individuals with expertise in a variety of focuses outside of coaching. Today's athlete needs to understand how their body works, learn the importance of proper nutrition, and develop a specific exercise plan to reach their peak performance. 

Private and group rates vary; please email us at for more info.


As part of The Basketball Embassy's continued commitment to education in (and through) basketball, we offer a variety of certifications for coaches, instructors, and trainers. TBE Certifications are issued in recognition of the knowledge and experience gained while completing specific programs, and vary accordingly. 

For example, coaches who participate in a one-day clinic on age-appropriate development strategies receive a different certification than coaches we have directly mentored for several years. Throughout the year, we host delegations from across the world; a conference with these visiting coaches and/or their participation in events like our annual Assembly would also receive a different certification. As we continue to expand our list of local community offerings for youth coaches and higher level programs (for high school, college, and national team coaches), our certification options will mirror the curriculum we offer. 

For all questions relating to the certification process, please email us at We will do our best to help you or your organization find the right fit in terms of educational and instructional programming.