We’ve been told we are divided. We’re born into a world divided, literally, by lines on a map. We’re raised in societies claiming that the things that make us different from one another should divide us, and we hear it so often that we accept it as truth.

The reality is that we’re only as divided as we allow ourselves to be. Technology makes divisive language, both subtle and overt, more accessible than ever before. To counter this, The Basketball Embassy would like to encourage basketball fans from all corners of the globe to spread messages of unity with the hashtag #UnitedWeHoop on social media. Share pictures and videos of camaraderie between players of opposing backgrounds, tag friends you’ve made through the game, and showcase anything that inspires basketball fans across the world to come together.

The Basketball Embassy has seen firsthand the power of sport and its ability to bring together people of varying backgrounds. These interactions change people; not only are individual relationships created, but unfounded prejudices toward entire groups get called into question. New friends find themselves recognizing and reevaluating opposing viewpoints, and accepting them for what they are - merely differences, not divisions.

“United We Hoop” is a reminder -  the three words we should tell ourselves every time we think about the game of basketball.  We are united with our teammates and our opponents alike, sharing a common love of the game.

We are very different people, but we don’t have to be divided.