Every time you TOUCH a basketball, you're a part of something bigger than yourself.

Think about that. Every basketball player in the world - past, present, and future, has something in common. For all of your differences, whoever just passed you the ball has at least one shared love. There's something very powerful about that. This is the basis for what makes sports a singularly powerful weapon in battling hate.



It is up to all of us to recognize that we are constantly an ambassador to something. Our actions and words not only effect how others view us as individuals, but how they view all of the things we are associated with as well. Like it or not, stereotypes exist in this world. We firmly believe that we all have an obligation to create a positive stereotype for what a "basketball player" represents. Playing basketball makes you an ambassador to the game, and we strive to create ambassadors who will be passionate students, operating with a genuine integrity, dependability, honesty, and compassion for all - both on and off the court.


a common court

Imagine traveling to a foreign land and finding yourself uncomfortably out of your element. The place that would feel most like home would be your country's embassy. The concept of "home" was in mind when we created The Basketball Embassy. We wanted to present the game of basketball as a safe haven, because that's what it has meant to us, regardless of our varying backgrounds. We're all equally home here, because a basketball court shows no preference to flags. No matter where we come from, a basketball court should be a place of mutual respect and enjoyment for all.



We take great pride in providing basketball instruction and guidance to players, coaches and organizations alike. We preach substance over style and teamwork over individual acclaim. We believe full potential is only achieved through a balance of skills and knowledge, and we're thrilled for every kid we can help reach that potential on the court. But the real satisfaction comes when we see our players truly "get it" - the principles they learn through basketball extend to life in general. These lessons aren't just meant to make for better players; they make for better people. Every time we accomplish this, our mission has truly been achieved.

What you are as a person is far more important than what you are as a basketball player.
— John Wooden