The Basketball Embassy (TBE) formally began in the summer of 2014, a culmination of ideas that came to fruition that November. A relationship between TBE founder Chris Dial and the Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF) flourished from its humble beginnings in 2008 and grew into a unique relationship founded on a mutual respect for basketball and its ability to empower people across cultures.

While coaching high school basketball in Texas, Dial spent his summers abroad, teaching players and coaches all over Turkey under the umbrella of the TBF’s grassroots programs. In 2012, Chris assumed a head coaching role with the TBF and began working closely with their administration on developing a streamlined fundamental basketball curriculum that combined technical components with the intangible elements necessary to be a successful student-athlete. Fast forward to the present, and this curriculum has become the basis of what The Basketball Embassy uses for player, team, and program development. It is currently employed by several different National Basketball Federations worldwide.

TBE seeks to serve these Federations in various ways, maintaining a holistic and adaptable approach relevant to each new relationship it builds. From a fundamental level, TBE believes that we’re not only in the business of creating good basketball players and coaches; we’re establishing great ambassadors to the global game of basketball. It is this component of our mission statement that has established TBE as a legitimate and viable partner to other agencies and organizations that are involved in sports diplomacy projects and endeavors. It is the sports diplomacy element that we see as our most effective and long-lasting method of leaving a footprint wherever we work as an organization moving forward.