Stomart Basketball Summer Camp Recap

Stomart Basketball Summer Camp Recap

-through the eyes of Coach Brent Tipton, TBE Oceania Regional Coordinator

The Basketball Embassy returned to Stomart Basketball Club in Iasi, Romania! Camp was held for juniors and seniors on July 2-6, 2018. The elite group of players experienced and intensive week of basketball training focusing on the details in the fundamentals of the game. With valuable instruction from TBE coaches Chris Dial, Dustin Karrer, and Brent Tipton, the players in the Stomart Basketball Club were able to learn the game at a very high level, with an emphasis on detail.

The strength of any camp TBE runs, is that if a player applies what the coaches are teaching, they will most certainly get better. Coach Brent saw a tremendous amount of improvement from all the players in the Stomart Club.

Moreover Ovidiu Stochici went above on beyond in his preparation for the event and in taking care of the coaches. He has created a great learning environment in the Stomart Basketball Club, one that will attract players who want to learn the game at a high level. He has a great vision of developing his club the right way and works hard to make that happen!  Coach Brent said, “Having the opportunity to work with Stomart Basketball Club was an honor because the whole club is a hard-working organization from the coaches to the players. The Stomart coaches, coupled with their incredible energy and enthusiasm with their passion to coach the players, made the week we were all together, a week of incredible growth, improvement and fun.”

The lasting basketball lesson to take away from the Stomart Basket Camp is to never skip the fundamentals of the game. There are a lot of trendy ways to attract players but what is special about the Stomart Basketball Camp is its focus on teaching the important fundamentals in the correct way that translate to the game and the next level.

Coach Brent emphasized, “Basketball truly does transcend language barriers cultural, and political differences. When you walk into a gym in Romania and you see a kid bouncing a ball and shooting, you automatically think, ‘I get you as a person because you love the same game I love.’ Basketball establishes that connection between you and a complete stranger. It’s a beautiful tool that can be used to do unite people.”