TBE in Bulgaria Update

The Basketball Embassy was a sponsor at the International Basketball Camp in Gabrovo, Bulgaria July 9th to July 16th. Using 9 gyms to host the 350 players from 7 different countries, the week was packed full of hard work and fun. Experience at camp ranged from U18 players that were headed for professional careers to U10 players that were just starting their basketball journey.

Coach Brent Tipton and Coach Dustin Karrer served as TBE representatives at the camp, leading two-and-a-half-hour training sessions twice a day for 60 players as well as working with local coaches for future development. The purpose of the International Camp was to improve basketball in Bulgaria through international influence of both coaches and players. It’s a great example of our United We Hoop mantra in action; players from all different backgrounds coming together over a mutual love for the game of basketball.

The Basketball Embassy