TBE in Moldova

The United States Embassy in Chisinau, Moldova, in cooperation with The Admirals Basketball Academy invited The Basketball Embassy (TBE) to partner in their "Building Bridges through Basketball" endeavor. The program features 4-5 camps throughout the year that bring an American Coach to Moldova to work with the local youth there in developing their skills on and off the court. The US Embassy and Admirals Basketball expressed their appreciation for TBE's emphasis on the intangible elements of success. Coach Chris Dial not only taught players how to improve their shooting, passing, ball handling, and defense, but also modeled and explained strategies to build character, act with integrity, progress with respect, and ultimately persevere. TBE is humbled and honored to facilitate programs like these and looks forward to a great relationship with Admirals Basketball and the US Embassy in Chisinau, Moldova. 

The Basketball Embassy