Fail Harder

"Show me a player who doesn't make mistakes, and I'll show you a player who's not getting better."

This statement from the video above should be in the forefront of every basketball player's mind as they're working to achieve their goals. But substitute the word "player" with "person", and think about all of the other aspects of life that are affected by a fear of failure. This is not merely an athlete-specific dilemma; it's a human condition. Whether it's caused by a fragile ego or simply the discomfort of mistakes, it's rare to find a person who attacks life with the INTENTION of pushing themselves until they fail at something.

We hope everyone who watches videos like this absolutely uses it as motivation the next time they step on the court. But even more, remember to apply it everywhere else as well. Challenge yourself, and if the outcome falls short of your goals, learn from failure as means to improve.